Shop updated!

Duel 95
Duel 95

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know I’ve updated the online webstore. There are some new categories to browse through and am no longer advertising items we don’t sell, well almost (we’ll get there eventually). Some new products as well, mostly out of stock for the moment but will arrive if there is any demand.

An online item also went on sale for $4.99, the Prismarine Realms Private Reserve. As part of the 1.1 server update, we’re introducing a private world for a small group of like-minded creative players who can collaborate freely with each other to make great works. The money goes towards funding the server and keeping it online, it also prevents the general public from ruining your talented works. The sale ends on 10/01/2015 as part of our first month 1.8 beta promotion.

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