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Tails & Knuckles (Super Smash Bros.)

As you would have seen yesterday, I uploaded a Super Smash Bros. video showing Bayonetta, Tails and Knuckles in a battle. Today, I am providing a video specifically focused on Tails and Knuckles, with their independent move sets.

Watch as Tails demonstrates some of his moves against Sonic followed by Knuckles.

Here are the QR Codes for Tails and Knuckles:

Tails’ Mii (QR)
Knuckles’ Mii (QR)

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Bayonetta VS Sonic Heroes

Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS released an update yesterday that added Bayonetta, Corrin and some Mii fighter costumes. Of the update, I was excited to see Bayonetta, Tails and Knuckles join the game, even if Tails and Knuckles are only Mii fighters.

Making the most of this update, I made a 1v3 video of Bayonetta versing the Sonic Heroes. I hope you enjoy it, please take a look below.

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Sonic Runners: First Play

Duel 95
Duel 95

Hey Everyone!

Tonight we broadcasted Sonic Runners (iPad) live for the first time on twitch.tv. This is a relatively new mobile game developed by SEGA Corporation (Japan) which is currently only being tested in Japanese and Canadian App Stores (Apple and Google Play).

It’s a continuous runner with multiple characters to choose from that offer different abilities (Tails can fly, etc.). The game has great music (like most Sonic games) for free mobile app. The gameplay offers in-game rewards to players as well as competitive rankings to make the game more addictive.

Overall, I see the game has great potential if it’s ever released in the greater western societies. See the recording below for my take on the gameplay in the one hour stream I did tonight.

Stay tuned!