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Netgear EX6100

Netgear EX6100

The Netgear EX6100 (the extender) features:

  • a variety of WiFi standards including 802.11b/g/n/ac
  • Wireless AC is able to deliver up to 450Mbps, Wireless N up to 300Mbps, Wireless G up to 54Mbps and Wireless B up to 11Mbps.
  • has two external antennas to deliver coverage
  • has two radios, one for the traditional 2.4GHz band and the other the faster 5GHz band
  • offers two operating modes; you can use it as either a range extender or an access point
  • features a gigabit ethernet port to provide a faster experience when using wired devices

Computer Upgrade

Hey everyone!

A few days ago I decided to step into the realm of water-cooling so I can get the most out of my Intel Core i7-2700K processor. So I went ahead and purchased a Corsair H100i hydro cooling unit for my system. Then some complications occurred…

Although my Corsair Graphite 230T case could technically fit the cooler, it wouldn’t allow me to use my current RAM sticks as they were too high – a ‘Very Low Profile‘ DIMM module worked, however that would mean I’d need to buy several hundred dollars worth of RAM. So I sprung for a new Corsair Obsidian 750D case instead.

Normally I don’t announce my computer upgrades often, but I actually live streamed this one on Twitch. You can still see the video (below) on Twitch, however there were some complications with YouTube so it’s only available on Twitch.

Case Upgrade to Corsair 750D

Stay tuned!

Versing Wallace in Pokémon & Intel NUC

Duel 95
Duel 95

Hey Everyone!

We’re almost to the end of Pokémon Omega Ruby after challenging the 8th (and last) gym leader at Sootopolis City. I versed Wallace after undertaking a few puzzles and encountered every trainer along the way. I did however experience technical difficulties in the middle of the stream – there was a blackout. That lead to corrupt local video recordings and missing obs settings. Anyway, take a look at the stream below:

In other news I will soon be reviewing the new Intel NUC HTPC computer which I will be using as a dedicated Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

Stay tuned for that and the continuation of Pokémon Omega Ruby.