Backlit GameBoy Pocket

Pokémon Blue on a Backlit GameBoy Pocket
Pokémon Blue on a Backlit GameBoy Pocket

If you have to decide between a backlit DMG (Dot-Matrix GameBoy) or a backlit MGB (GameBoy Pocket), choose the DMG. I got the MGB because it was cheaper on eBay, but it wasn’t technically compatible with Pokémon as opposed to most other (simpler) games – though the description on eBay didn’t mention this.

When playing Pokémon, the backlight would produce an on/off flicker every 1/60 second (1/30 ON, 1/30 OFF).

To fix this issue, I installed a 30Ω resistor and moved the backlight terminals from the 3V source (audio) to the main 5V source. Though the next issue is battery overheating and mild contrast changes, this should hopefully be solved by increasing the resistance on the backlight (by changing the one I just installed or installing a variable resistor).

Good experience though, even if it should’ve been an off-the-shelf product.

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