DMG-001 Field Test

    Nintendo Game BoyOriginal Nintendo Game Boy from 1989 with RCA Audio mod

DMG-001 Field Test
Train to City (seated):
Ideal conditions, perfect contrast, excellent sound from Samsung earphones.

In a tunnel with lighting:
Conditions less ideal but still very playable.

Basement area of a Building:
Not recommended, terrible interior lighting. Uncomfortable in areas that provide better lighting.

Train back (standing):
Surprisingly very playable due to carriage lighting.

Walking (Night)
Can’t distinguish objects on screen. Rely on audio and muscle memory only.

At Home (Day):
Ideal conditions, though noise from builtin headphone amp is very noticeable.

At Home (Night):
Unplayable, needs backlighting or extra environmental lighting.


  • Durable/rugged design, stronger than a modern smartphone.
  • Relatively compact, only slightly larger than a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Easy to use, comfortable controller.
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great bass compared to other Game Boy models


  • No backlight/frontlight option in original design
  • Cannot play GameBoy Color games (insufficient RAM and colour palette)

Apart from some lighting issues, the DMG-001 is an excellent unit for both GameBoy games and Chiptune music creation.

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