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How I Edit Videos – Vol. 2: Hardware

A quick follow-up video to the previous video about video editing, this one showcases the hardware involved in video production. As you may know, videos require a lot of processing to produce, the workstations and servers are described in this video.

Other hardware such as microphones, cameras and displays are also shown. But only from a editing standpoint, not the ones used for video broadcasting and audio production. Take a look below to find out more:

More cool stuff next week!

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DMG-001 Field Test

    Nintendo Game BoyOriginal Nintendo Game Boy from 1989 with RCA Audio mod

DMG-001 Field Test
Train to City (seated):
Ideal conditions, perfect contrast, excellent sound from Samsung earphones.

In a tunnel with lighting:
Conditions less ideal but still very playable.

Basement area of a Building:
Not recommended, terrible interior lighting. Uncomfortable in areas that provide better lighting.

Train back (standing):
Surprisingly very playable due to carriage lighting.

Walking (Night)
Can’t distinguish objects on screen. Rely on audio and muscle memory only.

At Home (Day):
Ideal conditions, though noise from builtin headphone amp is very noticeable.

At Home (Night):
Unplayable, needs backlighting or extra environmental lighting.


  • Durable/rugged design, stronger than a modern smartphone.
  • Relatively compact, only slightly larger than a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  • Easy to use, comfortable controller.
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great bass compared to other Game Boy models


  • No backlight/frontlight option in original design
  • Cannot play GameBoy Color games (insufficient RAM and colour palette)

Apart from some lighting issues, the DMG-001 is an excellent unit for both GameBoy games and Chiptune music creation.

S-VR11 Video Router

S-VR11 Video Router
S-VR11 Video Router

Record and watch games with ease

Want to play and record video games at the same time to your computer? With this and an analog capture card, you can! Simply plug in your video game console into the input, your TV into the output, the capture out into capture card, and the 3.5mm audio out into your sound card and you’re all set! This model also has an S-Video passthrough so you can record a clearer video while still playing in composite. Router uses passive electronics, so you can use any video format (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) as long as your video hardware supports it. General formats include: 480i (NTSC) and 576i (PAL).

Compatible with:

  • Nintendo NES/SNES/N64/GameCube/Wii/WiiU
  • Sony PlayStation/PS2/PS3
  • Microsoft Xbox/Xbox 360
  • SEGA Mega Drive/MDII/32X/Saturn/Dreamcast


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 70mm x 90mm x 27mm
  • Translucent (clear) case
  • CVBS RCA Input x1
  • Stereo RCA Input x2
  • CVBS RCA Output x2
  • 3.5mm stereo jack (output) x1
  • S-Video port x2

Designed, hand-made and tested for quality assurance by the engineers at Duel 95.